Would you recognise your family if they were homeless?

Would you notice your girlfriend on the street if she were homeless? How about your brother? How about your grandfather?

In New York, Jun Diaz of production company Smuggler joined up with the NYC Rescue Mission to ask this very question. As part of a social experiment called 'Make Them Visible', they filmed people walk past their family members in the street - and not one of them looked.

At first, I was unsure whether this experiment is indicative of very much at all, except that we do not always keep watch for our family members in the street or recognise them when we don't expect to cross paths.

However, in a positive light I hope this calls everyone to have a little more empathy for those without a home, because things always ring a little truer when you see someone you love involved. Perhaps a short message to flash up at the end with a way to take action (i.e. 'Instead of ignoring, why not say Good Morning?) might work well.

Still, an interesting watch ....


  1. I was living in Melbourne last year where there is a huge homelessness problem, people become so desensitised to seeing homeless people that sadly they do almost become invisible.
    Really inspiring blog - all the best with it!