BBC reporter becomes homeless

It sounds a bit trite to say "It could happen to anyone" but it really is true.

Ed Mitchell, a former financial reporter and newsreader, tells his harrowing story of becoming bankrupt and homeless. The short film has won an award at the Sundance festival, a London short film competition, and is an honest, frank and sad story of a man putting his life back together.

In the Guardian, Hannah Pool questions Ed Mitchell's release of a book about his experiences, entitled From Headlines to Hard Times, claiming he has spun himself a good story. To me, Mitchell may well be exploiting his story with a documentary and book release, but wouldn't you do what you had to do to keep yourself off the streets? He does, after all, have only one rent payment between a flat and a park bench, as he points out in his answer to her question.

If nothing else, Mitchell reminds us to consider the so-treated 'homeless other' as the 'homeless familiar' since it could so easily be you or I next.


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