Fuck The Poor? Pardon?

If you haven't seen this yet, you've either been living under a rock for the past week or experiencing problems with your broadband connection, (seriously BT, sort it out.)

Yes, that's right, The Pilion Trust have cleverly got your attention by using a swear word in a campaign video. However, what follows is an interesting reflection upon us as a society, and closely aligns to The Pavement Perspective's values; people do care, but they feel helpless as to what to do.

That's why we propose four ways you can take a stand against poverty (particularly visible rough sleeping) in your locality:

1. Acknowledgement: say hello to those you see on the streets - just a smile can change someone's day, particularly if they do not get much opportunity to speak to people.
2. Time: Volunteer at a local homeless shelter. A good list of national services can be found here.
3. Resources: Whether it's food, socks or your last season ski jacket, drop by your local shelter and see what they need. If you're feeling rich, give some money!
4. Advocacy: Speak about current issues affecting the UK today; poverty, homelessness, addiction, mental health - whatever it is, don't make it a taboo and get the issues on our public agenda!


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