TPP's first screening a success!

Last Tuesday, we had our first screening at Amnesty International's Human Rights Action Centre in Shoreditch. An amazing 155 of you turned out in the rain and the cold to come and watch, which was fantastic and kicked the project off to a great start - there was barely a seat left in the whole auditorium.

There was a brief introduction, followed by a screening of the film and a Q&A with all the participants. We were lucky to have two of the film's participants with experience of homelessness with us, called Kwame and Jonas, alongside Sarah, Manager of Ace of Clubs day centre, Connor, a housing barrister from Garden Court Chambers, and Alistair, standing in for Alison Gelder who is the Chief Executive of Housing Justice.

Some really interesting questions came up, such as those addressing how we should speak to people on the streets, how we should deal with begging and the day-to-day difficulties of not having a home. It was certainly an opportunity for some people to displace their assumptions or misconceptions, and when the Q&A had to draw to a close due to time constraints there were many hands left waving. Luckily, we all stuck around for a drink and hopefully everyone's burning questions were addressed!

I ended the evening by presenting The Pavement Perspective's four ways to take action in your locality: acknowledge those you see in the streets, give your time through conversations or voluntary work, give your resources through either money to a homeless shelter, or other goods such as coats and sleeping bags, or finally use your voice through advocacy to raise the profile of homelessness and  make it a subject we no longer avoid.

Take a look at the photos below, and don't forget to get in touch if you would like to screen the film somewhere near you (Frankie at Many thanks to Lillie Ashworth for her beautiful photographs!

Jonas and I introduced the film.

The panel with our Twitter hashtag!
Sarah explains the services required and provided by Ace of Clubs day centre.

Our audience of 155 people!

Alistair from Housing Justice addresses the question of giving to those begging in the streets
Jonas reminds everyone that it is the minority of homeless individuals who in reality beg.
Frankie answers a question, next to Jonas (left) and Kwame (right)
Introducing TPP's four ways to take action in your locality: acknowledgement, time, resources, advocacy.


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