Our first screening is tomorrow!

The Pavement Perspective's grand opening approaches!

I thought I should really post on here today, since everything The Pavement Perspective has been working up to for the past six months is about to arrive TOMORROW.

Myself and the participants have almost sorted everything - the venue, the guest list, the order for the night, the lighting and sound. The only thing we are still lacking, due to a few technical difficulties, is the film. I am told this is just how the production process works, but nonetheless I'm feeling pretty uptight!

We have almost 150 people who have written and confirmed their attendance for tomorrow's screening, so I hope it's going to be packed. Although I hope the film will have a strong impact upon our audience, I suspect that the Q&A might be even more powerful.

I've been overwhelmed by the support I've received whilst getting the project up and running, and only hope that the film does justice to the valuable message put across by the participants.

If you've not yet confirmed your attendance, but are planning to come, please do email your name to thepavementperspective@gmail.com


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