This is not just Christmas … this is Crisis at Christmas ...

Remember that irritating M&S advert that haunted our TV screens a few years ago? All about food that was not just food, but M&S food? Here's what we've been missing ...

Well, scrap the food porn ... It's not just Christmas, it's Crisis at Christmas.

If you, or anyone you know, are around London, Newcastle or Edinburgh between the 23rd-30th December and have two days/evenings free, you should volunteer with Crisis at Christmas.

Crisis is a national charity for single homeless people. Each Christmas, they run ten centres across the country to support people who may feel especially lonely or isolated at this difficult time of year. They give a warm bed, good food, support, activities (like art and music) and services (such as hairdressers). Crisis suggest that for many, someone reaching out to them in this manner could be their first step to leaving the streets. And you can play a part.

Unsurprisingly, you can DONATE some money to help out. But, this isn't all you can do. You can VOLUNTEER too! Give your services, time and a smile for a warm fuzzy feeling and some great food and company at Christmas in return. This is the fantastic part of the service - everyone wins.

If you feel like taking part with me this Christmas, you can find more details here and sign up here.

Watch a video to get you ready …


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