Memorial Service held for all homeless who have died in past year

Sometimes you hear a heartwarming story and you know there is some real right being done in the world, alongside all the bad things. Hearing that St Martin-In-The-Fields is holding its Annual Memorial Service for all homeless people who have died in the past year on Nov 7th was one of those moments for me.

The service will take place in St Martin's beautiful church in Trafalgar Square. Each individual's name will be read out and will be paid respect. Prayers will be said for those who still have no home, with a hope for transformation and change in their lives. The service will feature performances from the homeless arts groups The Choir With No Name and Streetwise Opera. Whether you are religious or not, these are true sentiments of goodwill and kindness and should be celebrated by all.

What is not quite so heartwarming is that for some the stretching out of a friendly and kind hand may have come too late - there is a risk some may have died alone without anyone around them. This is a timely reminder that the dangers, insecurities and health risks of living on the streets are great and we should continue to aim to minimise homelessness in the future.

Time - 11.30am
Location - St Martin-In-The-Fields, Trafalgar Square


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