1 in 4 rough sleepers reside in one London borough ...

Earlier this week a homeless shelter called The Connection tweeted that 1 in 4 rough sleepers are all within one London borough - Westminster.

That's right, a staggering 25% of rough sleepers are living in 21.48km squared of our city.

This statistic certainly explains why I have been so struck upon moving to London by the huge numbers of homeless living beneath the shiny city veneer. The statistic can also probably be explained by the huge numbers of shelters and resources that exist in London, in response to demand and the nature of a capital city. However, what it does not explain is that if there is such a concentrated area for policies regarding homelessness to be targeted, why are they not being pursued by our government?

Instead, it is left up to charities like The Connection in St-Martin-In-The-Fields to carry out work with the homeless in piecemeal efforts to solve a large and growing problem with minimal public funding. This must change, and by supporting The Pavement Perspective you are supporting a campaign to give our current homeless support, and resist changes which may render even more of us living on the streets.

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