WHAT? The Pavement Perspective is a short film about, and for, London's rough sleepers. It will explore the stories behind the faces of London's street community, and through these 'humanise' rough sleepers to a widely desensitized general public.

HOW? We believe that if you are given a medium through which you can relate directly to individual rough sleepers, you will better understand the plight of homelessness. What's more, you're more likely to take action in the future.

WHO? The Pavement Perspective is run collaboratively by Frankie Bennett, a Law student, and many supporters who can be found on our Collaborations page. The film's homeless participants will present the film to you themselves at our first screening on the 28th January 2014.

WHERE CAN I WATCH IT? The Pavement Perspective's first screening will be at the end of January 2014. More details on are on our 'The Screening' tab. After this, there will be many more opportunities to watch the film around London and beyond.

WHY? The homeless population in the UK is growing and we have a duty to care for our fellow citizens. Not every cause can be yours, but The Pavement Perspective is a great place to start.


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