The Pavement Perspective is an entirely not-for-profit project. As a result, we rely heavily upon all the lovely artists, individuals and organisations who have been so generous with their time and energy and instrumental in getting The Pavement Perspective up and running.

So, collaborators, consider this our toast to you (sans champagne) ... Please do take the time to look at their pages and respective missions.

Catch21 Productions

Catch21 is a charitable production company set up in 2005 which produces videos to help engage young people with politics and their communities. The team kindly agreed to film and edit our short film.

Find out more about their inspirational work here and watch more of their raw and groundbreaking film on YouTube.

Housing Justice

The charity Housing Justice believe that a lack of decent housing challenges human dignity. They provide night shelters and drop-in centres for the homeless and galvanise action against homelessness nationwide. Check out their website here.

Their campaign Tell My Story reveals personal stories of the true devastation caused by the government's current welfare reforms and is well worth a look.

Kat Prescott

The Pavement Perspective is thrilled to introduce our photographer Kat Prescott. Her exhibition 'What Makes Us Care?' is currently at St Martin-In-The-Fields, Trafalgar Square.

'The exhibition is an exploration into the desensitisation of the masses to the plight of the modern homeless person, from which all proceeds are to go to Centrepoint and The Big Issue Foundation.'

Follow her on Twitter, spread the word with #whatmakesuscare and read a review here.

Garden Court Chambers

This set of chambers have a strong ethical stance and are leading representation in cases concerning social housing. A barrister specialising in such disputes has kindly agreed to work with The Pavement Perspective.

In the coming year, The Pavement Perspective will proudly be campaigning on behalf of the Action Week. The first screening of our film will fall within the week, with a provisional date set for 28th January, 2014.

Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre, Shoreditch

The Pavement Perspective looks forward to holding our first screening in January 2014 at the venue. The auditorium has been offered to us at a generous discount due to our not-for-profit status.

Ace of Clubs, Clapham

Ace of Clubs is a family-like community providing transformative support for those who are homeless, vulnerable and otherwise marginalised in and around Clapham. I have been spending two afternoons a week at the club with the staff and clients.

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and watch a video of their centre here.

Spires, Streatham

Sprires is a day centre run in South London helping hundreds of homeless and disadvantaged people all year round. It aims to improve the quality of life of people who are homeless, insecurely housed, unemployed, or suffering from the effects of poverty, mental ill health and loneliness. 

You can follow them on Twitter or see their website here.

Christian Prior

Christian is the latest addition to join The Pavement Perspective. A pianist and composer, specialising in Classical and Jazz, he is currently working with the Helios Opera Company and his new trio.

Floey Bennett

A thank you to the very talented Floey who drew the artwork for the blog. Homegrown  originals - thank you!

Lottie Mays

A final huge thanks to our very good friend Lottie Mays who put this blog together. Check out her blog success here.


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